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Download Cam Studio Gratis

Download Cam Studio gratis.



Download GOM Player Freeware

Download GOM Player free.



Download Windows Media Player Free

Download Windows Media Player WMP free.






Free Download K-Lite Code Pack New

Free Download K-Lite Code Pack New Via 4Shared

Free Download Debut Video Capture 1.62

Free Download Debut Video Capture 1.62 Via 4Shared

Any Video Converter Free Download

Any Video Converter adalah software pengkonversi video misalnya *.mkv to 3gp dan sebaliknya. Software ini mendukung ekstensi file *.mp4, *.mkv, *.3gp, *.AVI, *.FLV, *.wmv, *.swf dan *.ogv. Kelebihan software ini ialah :

  • Mendukung banyak format video yang beredar di pasaran dan bisa dikonversi ke beberapa tipe video.
  • Bisa digunakan untuk download video langsung dari YouTube.
  • Dapat digunakan untuk mengedit video dengan mudah dan cepat.
  • User interface yang mudah digunakan, termasuk bagi pemula sekalipun.
  • Dapat juga digunakan untuk mendownload video dari you tube.
  • Dapat digunakan untuk mengkonversi file video to *.mp3

Free Download Any Video Converter Via 4Shared

Download VLC Player 2.02 Terbaru 100% Free

VLC Player Player 2.0.2 Terbaru ini mempunyai kelebihan antara lain :

  • The modifications and corrections in OpenGL, including better color reproduction.
  • Reworked module TV, performance returned to DVB-T and DVB-C.
  • Fixed or improved with a variety of formats:
  • Disk Blu-ray;
  •  Streaming video HLS;
  • Containers and video formats MKV, VC1, MP4, Dirac;
  • Audio tracks and files, AAC, MP3, MP2, MP2a, Vorbis, ALAC, VOC, MIDI, AU;
  • Fixed some problems with sound, including volume control.
  • Fixed errors in the interface and configuration management for keyboard and mouse when opening files.
  • Fixed several bugs, leading to crashes.
  • Adjustments were made in the web interface.
  • Closed several security vulnerabilities.
  • On Windows XP re-activated due to problems with DirectX drivers.
  • A large number of improvements for Mac OS especially when cropping and  scaling, in the view menu and OSD; support for the new MacBook Pro with the display Retina.
  • Updated the localization of the Ukrainian and Belarusian.

Download VLC Player Terbaru 2.02 Free

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